Importing booking report to daybook


Import template for e-conomic to allow direct import of daily turnover report to e-conomic daybook.

  • Client will need to be logged in on the admin module.
  • The template is pre-configured for the CSV-file generated by the Excel workbook.

The import flow is as follows: 

  1. Open the e-conomic admin-module.

  2. Select the company for which to import, click “Administrer”
  3. Click on the “Regnskab”-tab and select the cashbook called “Dagsrapport”.
  4. Click on the “Import”-button with the text “Importer posteringer” – a new pop-up will appear.

  5. Click on “Vælg fil” and browse PC to find the desired CSV-file

  6. Make sure that the template “dagsrapport” is selected.

  7. In the field “Bilagsnr.” change the input to the “default” + 1. Example: If the last import had number 101, then the number should be changed to 102.

  8. Click on the button “Importér data”.

  9. E-conomic will import the data, and the entries should appear in the cashbook. 
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