Saving daily report to CSV

Addition to Excel workbook to allow client to save daily turnover report to CSV-format accepted by e-conomic.

  • The booking report plug-in will convert data from daily turnover report to a format accepted by e-conomic.
  • Informations such as turnover, cash sales, credit card sales will be entered in the Excel workbook as always.
  • This guide is for shift managers making the Daily report
  • The plug-in is a new sheet added to the workbook called “booking_report”.

The flow is as follows:

  1. When the client has “finished” the daily report with all necessary informations in the Excel workbook.

  2. Click on the sheet named “booking_report”.

  3. If the message in cell J1 says “ALT OK – GEM TIL CSV-FIL” then the flow can proceed, if not – check the daily report if anything is missing.

  4. Click “Files” -> “Save as” -> “Browse” to find the location where the file should be stored

  5. Select the filtype “CSV (semikolonsepareret)”/semicolon delimited

  6. The file should be saved as {{company_id}}_{{report_date}} – example: “bizz_09-07-2019

  7. If a pop-up appears -> Click “OK”.

  8. When the CSV-file is saved, close the workbook by clicking “X” in the top right corner, when prompted if workbook should be saved select “No” or “Don’t save”.
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