Slack: Orderbot by Rackbeat (EN)



Plug-in for Rackbeat WMS to send order and invoice webhooks to Slack channel.
The plug-in will allow users to show notifications in Slack regarding recent sales orders and invoices booked in Rackbeat.

  • There is no oAuth installation at the moment, but the plug-in is public and accessible for everyone.
    The plug-in is only available in English at the moment.
  • The integration can be configured by the client by following the recommendations in this guide, but we suggest to contact Rackbeat Support who will be able to ensure correct configuration of the integration at a cost of DKK 2.500 (approx 500 USD). Rackbeat will not provide free support for the integration if client has opted out of configuration by Rackbeat.
  • Before setting up the app, the client will need a Rackbeat agreement and a Slack workspace (eg.
  • On set-up the client should register it self on, create a new Rackbeat API token and install a new app in Slack.
  • For now the plug-in uses Rackbeat webhooks order.booked and customer.invoice_booked to send order/invoice related data to Slack.


Data sent to Slack (order.booked):

Heading Rackbeat data
Order: Order(number) {{If there is data in Order(other_reference) this will be shown)
Owner: Order(our_reference)
Value: Order(total_subtotal) {{value ex. VAT}}

Data sent to Slack (customer_invoice.booked):

Heading Rackbeat data
Invoice: Customer_invoice(number) {{If there is data in Customer_invoice(other_reference) this will be shown)
Order: Customer_invoice(order_id) {{Only shown if invoice is related to an order}}
Value: Customer_invoice(total_subtotal) {{value ex. VAT}}



  1. Go to to register a new installation.
  2. Open Rackbeat in another browser tab, go to and create a new token, name it “Orderbot”, copy the key given.
  3. Paste the Rackbeat API key to “Rackbeat token” on – click Install.
  4. Open -> Click “Create an App”, name it “Orderbot by Rackbeat”, select your workspace, click Create.
  5. Click on “Incoming Webhooks” -> Activate -> Click “Add new webhook to Workspace” -> Select your preferred Slack-channel -> Click “Install” -> Copy the URL from the new webhook.
  6. Go to -> Click “New channel” -> Enter the Channel name (eg. general) -> Paste the Slack URL from step 5. -> Click Save.
  7. Go to and select the Slack-channel in the dropdown, click “Save settings”. You are now ready to fire new orders and invoices to your Slack channel!

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